‘Too’ and ‘Enough’

‘Too’ and ‘enough’ are adverbs that tell us about an amount of something. They can give us more information about an adjective, adverb or a noun.

Lesson Plan

Introduce ‘too’ and ‘enough’ by reviewing the grammar rules and watching the supplementary video.




The price is right - Tell students they are going shopping, but they must ‘bid’ on the items. Show students the ‘Items’ after determining a ‘hidden’ price for each item. Give students an equal amount of fake money, and let them place bids. After the bids are placed, reveal the true amount. The student with the closest bet ‘buys’ the item. After all items have been sold, have each student write a few sentences about their shopping experience, indicating which items they had enough money for, and which items were too expensive.

Complete the sentences for reinforcement.

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