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Learn more about all of the features that comes with our packages. With more features coming.

Lesson Packs

Lesson materials organised into packs by lesson topic. They include grammar explanations, worksheets and videos.


Attractive worksheets for each school year level from preschool to high school, and adult learners.

Cambridge Programme

Worksheets, advice, homework exercises and practice tests for students preparing for Cambridge examinations.

Multimedia Resources

Videos, audio tracks and themed slideshows that elaborate common lesson topics in an engaging way.

Creative Projects

Innovative and exciting creative projects to liven up learning. CLIL based learning and creative workshops.


Current teaching news, blogs and community discussion to connect teachers and share tips and experiences.

Build Your Own Lesson Plans

A unique feature to build and customise lesson plans and make use of an extensive library of activities and resources.

Pre-planned Lesson Plans

Complete programs in lesson modules that include detailed plans to follow lesson by lesson. Specific for age and level.

eLearning Website

Access to interactive website where students can complete homework online on Cambridge exam topics.