Basics tracks

Guide your students through the basics

Follow our Basics tracks to teach school aged students with lessons that capture their interest as they progress through the levels.

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Features of the Basics Track

300+ themed worksheets

Detailed lesson plans for every level

Teacher guides with answer keys

Attractive, easy to use layout

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The Perfect Track for you Students

Whether your students are good at English or just getting started, this is for you.

Made by teachers for teachers.

These tracks are for school aged children (from pre-school to high school) who are starting out with English and not yet interested in sitting examinations. They are organised into 9 units that can be run over: the five years of primary school; three intermediate years and then one unit especially for high school students. Our tracks have everything you need - lesson plans, worksheets, answer keys, suggestions for games and creative projects to try out.

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Watch your students improve

The topics are introduced gradually, and build on previous lessons to reinforce the important concepts. Topics are reviewed regularly to help young learners build a solid groundwork for future studies.

Great unique ideas

We're creative people and love to inspire students to express themselves in English through creative projects and activities. We dream up new ideas, test them out then share them with you!

Spread the love for English

Our lessons emphasise useful communication and key phrases to give the students a toolbox they can use to become more confident expressing themselves in English. 

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Here's an example of one of our worksheets, with accompanying plan and
notes for the teacher. It's fun and simple and easy to use.

Roadmap Guide

Track your Progress

Never lose track of where your students are and what is next in their progress

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Everything you need

We have everything you need, ready to go. If we don't we will make it for.

Lesson plans for each level

Each of the 9 levels includes a set of 30 detailed lesson plans.

Teacher Guides

We've provided instructions, tips, skills tags and an answer key for each worksheet.

30-60 Worksheets per level

We've made worksheets with simple layouts and attractive designs.

Resource Library

We're sharing our library of our favourite games and activities that we love to use in lessons.