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Cambridge Lessons

Welcome to our complete database of plans and materials for teaching English to all levels, including preparation for Cambridge English examinations. Happy teaching!


English Lessons

Prepare for the Cambridge English examinations and practice with relevant exercises that target reading, writing and listening skills. Practice makes perfect!


English in the Summer

Check out our fun full immersion English experiences including Summer Camps in Rome, a summer English Academy for creative projects, study holidays by the sea or in the Italian countryside and an action packed week away in London!


CLIL Courses

Choose from our original line of books designed to support students at each level and help them to grow their vocabulary. You’ll also find unique didactic aids, stylish educational posters, t-shirts and more.



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“I think that to your app it was very simple and clear”

Mother from Tuscany

“The thing that caught my eye was your worksheets information, the organization, it was so clear and concise and understandable for everyone.”

Teacher from Spain - teaches all levels

“I was too busy to every day search for new material for my classes. On your site I find so many activities I can use with my students. Thank you!”

Teacher from France - teaches Intermediate School students

“I signed up because I saw your instagram account and I fell in love with your resources”

Teacher from Spain - teaches Primary School students

“I love your content, it’s not easy to find “attractive” content and most of the time as a teacher you don’t have the time to create your own.  I love the “energy””

Teacher from Italy/China - teaches all levels

“I have many online lessons to teach now, and I am happy to find your resources - well organised into programs I can follow in order. Now I can put my energy back into teaching!”

Teacher from Portugal - teaches all levels

“I like the styles and easy to understand layout of the worksheets. It’s more interesting and not like typical exercises.”

Teacher from India - teaches Primary School students

“I love discovering new worksheets, new methods and new people interested in English as I am.”

Teacher from Spain - teaches High School students


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We’ve put our plans and resources to the test - using them to help thousands of students successfully prepare for Cambridge examinations.

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We want teachers to be free to use their energy and passion in the classroom - interacting with and inspiring students, confident that they have a solid programme to follow and not be bogged down with lesson prep.

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Our activities are fun, creative and stimulating. We love motivating students through engaging projects that help them to be confident in expressing themselves in English, so they can follow their passions without limits.

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