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Get to know who we are and why we love teaching English to students across the world.


Meet The Team

We are a small group of young, motivated and qualified, with lots of energy, passionate about teaching English

Hello, I'm
Maria Perrone

Bachelors of Electrical Engineering
University Of Canterbury (2003 - 2008)

I come from New Zealand and have always loved learning! I am fascinated by how the world works and I love discovering new information to share with our students. I enjoy applying drama and improvisation activities to English lessons to encourage genuine, fun and memorable communication.

I collaborate with our teachers to create exciting creative projects  for our students. The reward is seeing them light up with enthusiasm and passion as they discover their own strengths and abilities.

We are proud to be helping our students become confident in speaking English and see what opportunities await them.

Hello, I'm
Eugene Marsden

B.F.A Film & B.Sc Computer Science
University Of Canterbury (2003 - 2008)

I come from New Zealand and studied filmmaking and graphic design there before moving to Italy (mostly for the food!). I’m a father, runner, programmer and I’m very proud of my culture.

I help my students reach their potential and I like to motivate them with special challenges, multimedia projects, real-world examples and lots of laughter. I respect all of my students and appreciate that every person learns differently and all are capable of great things.

I genuinely love what I do and am grateful to be able to watch my students find joy in learning English and the confidence to take on the world!

Hello, I'm
Juliette Rapp

B.A Journalism Indiana
University of Pennsylvania (2011 - 2015)

I’m a language lover.  A word warrior. An ambassador of the imagination. I believe that everyone has a story to tell, which is why I  love teaching.

In the classroom I work together with my students, guiding them through the writing process and giving them the tools they need to  develop their writing skills.

I’m originally from Pittsburgh, USA, but I moved around the East Coast before landing myself in Rome. They say roads all lead here, after all.

On the weekends, you can find me enjoying pasta in a trattoria or taking long walks among the Ancient Roman ruins.

Hello, I'm
Anna Mines

B.A. Ethnomusicology
B.A. Environmental Studies
University of Washington (2010 - 2014)

Four years ago, I flew from the coffee capital of my country to the coffee country of the world! While I miss my family in Seattle, USA, I’m thoroughly enjoying the Italian dolce vita, learning about the rich food culture, and drinking strong espresso along the way.

I love languages and I find no better way to show that than through teaching. I engage my students by way of their own imaginations because I believe that having fun sets up our students for life long learning.

When I'm not bouncing around the CE office, I'm writing my thesis for graduate school, blowing my trumpet, or playing ultimate frisbee to burn off all that caffeine!

Hello, I'm
Rijsbrecht Verschaffel

Master in Audiovisual Arts
Master Interpreter: French and Spanish
University of Brussels , Belgium
School Of Arts Ghent, Belgium (2004 - 2014)

Hi! I come from Belgium, home to the capitol of chocolate, chips and (also) Europe. The three things I love most in this this world are languages, film and food.

I believe learning a new language opens our mind and broadens our ways of seeing the world. I speak five languages and love sharing my love for language through conversation, because the first step in learning a new language is overcoming our fear of making mistakes. After that, all you need is curiosity!

I’m an illustrator and I like to draw with my students when I teach, creativity and curiosity go hand in hand. Ps. The fourth thing I love in this world is my dog.

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